Trinity Capital Investments

Trinity Capital Investments

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Phoenix, AZ


Trinity Capital Investments was looking for some sleek, modern furniture for their new headquarters. They had gone through the catalogs and realized that nothing they found truly spoke to them, their brand, or their needs. Their employees work early hours and stay late into the evening. A key to their increased productivity and wellness was providing furniture that could shift with them. Many of their employees desired standing desks. Others were attached to traditional designs. That, coupled with a lack of assigned seating, and the added aspect that they often needed to work in small groups made a “one size fits all” approach seem impossible. Working within these guidelines, Urban Plough Furniture and Clay Architecture & Design developed a dynamic solution — a cluster of seats and surfaces with adjustable sit/stand desktops, giving each individual control over their personal workspace, privacy as needed, and still plenty of room for the team to quickly come together. We also created personalized solutions for the three executives, a custom “War Room” table, and various other work surfaces and spaces. It was through this process that we were able to satisfy all of Trinity’s needs, and to help craft an identity that has them proud to bring clients through their office.